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Kaa et Lili Earrings in Silver, Worn Picture, Sarah VANKASTER Handmade Jewelry, Serpent Collection Kaa Earring in Silver, Packshot, Sarah Vankaster Handmade Jewelry, Serpent Collection

Kaa earrings

From €45,00

Veliki Earrings

From €245,00

Ronda ring

From €220,00

Ronda earrings

From €190,00

Plitvice ring

From €220,00

Plitvice earrings

From €225,00

Pepite I ring

From €225,00

Naja single earring

From €135,00

Naja earrings

From €245,00

Mini Pepite ring

From €75,00

Makara single earring

From €125,00

Kota earrings

From €125,00