Brussels based Founder & Designer Sarah Vankaster has had a passion for the Arts since childhood. Sarah’s earliest memories center around sketching, sculpting, beading and jewelry making which she sold at local markets. Around that time Sarah’s mother recalls her aptitude for finding the right garment or accessory for any outfit: « She’s always had an innate sense of beauty ». 

Sarah Vankaster studied at the renowned Visual Arts University, La Cambre. It was there that she perfected her meticulous drawing technique. After receiving her degree at La Cambre, Sarah enrolled at the Jeanne Toussaint Institute with a focus on jewelry design. She soon realized that creating jewelry would become her primary focus and passion - bringing meaning to her preciseness and patience. 

Inspired by nature, art and the accentuating movement of women, she creates unexpected lines, forming her poetic pieces, highlighting a subtle femininity. She is always looking to break the mold of classic jewelry with bold shapes. Sarah sees jewelry as an enhancement of our body, through multiple forms, intertwined between the fingers, embracing our wrist, adorning a neck or an ear and as the final piece of our personal look. 




SARAH VANKASTER JEWELRY values sustainability. All materials are carefully selected in Europe with local shops and thoughtful sourcing, fair wages and initiatives that have an impact. As a conscious business owner, Sarah makes every effort to use recycled materials including metals. All packaging is also made of eco-friendly materials.

Sarah’s collection is designed and handcrafted (by her) in her workshop in Brussels.

Each piece of jewelry is created to order, to promote a slow production process while offering by definition unique pieces. Wishing to offer jewelry designed to last, she designs and creates timeless collections. 

Manufacturing is done on site in her workshop.